Creating Mid-America’s Most Spectacular Christmas Destination!


Why Christmas Trees?

Branson, Missouri is becoming America’s Christmas Tree City in order to create a spectacular, one-of-a-kind holiday experience for our visitors, while preserving an important tradition observed throughout the world for hundreds of years. Ozark Mountain Christmas will be home to the most amazing, colorful, unique and creative collection of Christmas Trees anywhere! Beloved evergreens adorned in lights, tinsel and ornamentation will be plentiful, but so too will dancing trees of light, naturally growing trees ablaze in color and trees made from unusual things like life jackets, racing flags, library books and more! While lots of communities have one iconic Christmas Tree, Branson will have a wide variety and impressive number of photo-worthy trees that tell a story, support a cause, share a message or just dazzle viewers -- all to celebrate the real reason for the season. Branson is and forever will be a “Merry Christmas” town. Join us for our festive celebration of nature, tradition and creativity as we also become “America’s Christmas Tree City!”