Creating Mid-America’s Most Spectacular Christmas Destination!



Branson's second annual Community Christmas Tree is destined to be a dazzler. It is a true community collaboration between Kuvera Partners and The Aquarium at the Boardwalk, the Branson Centennial Museum, the Branson Christmas Coalition, and countless volunteers from our area.

If you ever visited The Grand Palace theater on W. Hwy 76, you remember the spectacular $40,000 crystal chandelier that hung in the rotunda of its beautiful lobby. All 10,000 of its crystals were donated to the Branson Centennial Museum who is now overseeing the cleaning, sorting, and preparation of those pieces which will adorn Branson's second annual Community Tree. The 39' display is positioned in the center of the Entertainment District right in front of the Branson Ferris Wheel. Additional crystals will be available for sale at the Museum to support the preservation and presentation of Branson history.

The community is invited to participate in this historical undertaking. Individuals, families, and groups can volunteer to help with repurposing these crystals to decorate the tree. Many helping hands are needed!

To schedule a time to help, simply contact Jim Babcock, Branson Centennial Museum Curator at or call 417.294.0938

You can also download the informational flyer to share with others who might help.

Then plan to spend some time helping make Branson history today!