Creating Mid-America’s Most Spectacular Christmas Destination!


Unique Trees On A Budget

Five Expert Tips and 20 Examples of Unique Recycled, Reused, Repurposed and Surplus Trees That Are Amazing!

The key to a great Christmas tree display is not how much money you spend. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, a wonderful and unique Christmas tree can help make your business or organization stand out from the competition and attract a crowd.


Here are five expert tips and 20 examples of unusual Christmas trees to get you started.

1.       Start early.
The best ideas require time for creativity, collection and collaboration. You might need to talk with a valued vendor or client, start saving a container, box or bottle that you would normally throw away or make a deal with your electrician,maintenance crew or lawn care provider for a little assistance. These things take time and a bit of planning so don’t wait!

2.       Find a fanatic.
Every business and organization has at least one person who is wildly creative or absolutely crazy about Christmas. You might even have both. Identify those people and get them involved early. If you involve them from the start your Christmas tree display won’t be just another item on their to do list, it’s will become their mission, a part of their legacy and their pride and joy.

3.       Go on a treasure hunt.

Take a look in the storage space you haven’t visited in a couple years. Peek under the stairs. Dig into the very back of your biggest closets, cubbies and other repositories. If you find anything big, shiny or colorful -- it has Christmas tree potential. Can it be lit? Can it be painted? Can it be assembled into a cone shape? If you answered yes to any of these questions you’re on your way!

4.       Take a fresh look at your property.

Walkout to the road, your driveway or entry and look at your frontage with Christmas trees in mind. You might have live trees your forgot were there or room to plant more to decorate for Christmas. Maybe you have a roof line that could look like the shape of an evergreen tree if it were lined with green lights. And tall light poles and sign supports can become the center of a 3-D Christmas tree of light strands. Working with what you already have saves on expenses.

5.       Keep an eye out for extras, overstocks, discarded and inexpensive items.
Every business has a surplus of something. Ordering errors or just daily operations create items that are no longer needed or useful, but might be saved to create a Christmas tree. We’ve seen Branson trees made from wine bottles, used tires,hub caps, deer antlers, poinsettias, pendants and old books. The question is,what do you have that you no longer want or need, and how can you make it into a tree?