Creating Mid-America’s Most Spectacular Christmas Destination!


Top Ten Tallest Trees

20 Branson Area Christmas Trees Vie for the Top Ten List of the Tallest: Each is 28 - 80 feet Tall!

Ozark Mountain Christmas Has More Taller Trees Than Ever!

Several years ago, a group of local businesses and organizations formed a non-profit coalition to grown and enhance the holiday season in the Branson area. In 2016, the Branson Christmas Coalition selected Christmas trees as the focus. Not only are the Ozarks known already for its naturally beautiful, tree-covered mountainous terrain, but Christmas trees are also a beloved, faith-based tradition with limitless creative opportunities for enhancing the Ozark Mountain Christmas season.

This year the area is home to 20 trees, each 28' or taller, in 18 different locations. Some of these beauties are God's amazing creations, still live, growing and beautifully lit for the season. Others are made from artificial branches specifically designed, built and decorated just for Christmas. Still others are formed from luminous strands of colored lights in the shape of a triangle or cone. The very tallest of the collection is a high-tech, computerized masterpiece aglow with the very latest in lighting technology unlike any other Christmas tree on the planet. All of these big boys combined total 740 Christmas tree feet.

Here's the 2019 Top Ten List:

  1. Silver Dollar City's "Joy on Town Square" 80'
  2. Sight & Sound Theatre's "The Joy of Christmas" 52'
  3. THREE-WAY TIE: Cox Medical Center Branson (light tree), Shepherd of the Hills (live tree), and Branson Landing (traditional) are all 50' tall!
  4. Branson Convention Center (traditional) 40'
  5. Bee Creek Road and Oak Bluff Drive (3 live trees) each about 38' tall
  6. TWO ARE IN 6TH PLACE: Fritz's Adventure (light tree) and Branson Junior High School (live tree) 35' each!
  7. Dolly Parton's Stampede (traditional) 32'
  8. Branson Creek (live tree) 30'
  9. TWO MORE IN THIS SPOT: Branson Westgate Resort (live) and Branson Ferris Wheel (traditional) 29' each.
  10. AND WRAPPING UP THE TENTH SPOT, FIVE TREES THAT ARE EACH 28' TALL: Upcycled Star Tree of Light (near the Titanic Museum Attraction) and Lights of Joy, formerly Gift of Lights (light tree) and three naturally growing trees at three different Track Family Fun Park locations along W. 76 Country Boulevard that have trunks wrapped and branches draped in light!

It's interesting to note how some of our most celebrated Christmas trees around the country compare to these Branson gems. In New York City, the Rockefeller Center tree last year was 72' tall. In Washington DC, the "National Christmas Tree" lit with much fanfare annually measures approximately 30' tall. So is Branson really "America's Christmas Tree City?" With nearly 1,000 trees of many varieties and 20 that soar 28 or more feet in the air, the numbers seem to shout a resounding "yes!"