Creating Mid-America’s Most Spectacular Christmas Destination!


Star Light. Star Bright.

"We All SHINE ON!" our Community Christmas Tree for 2022, will be adorned with colorful stars in various shapes and sizes. Giant 30" 5-pointed silver stars are the biggest of the constellation. Large, red and blue 7-pointed stars are 24" tall and sassy 14" Moravian stars in gold, white and purple will be scattered throughout. Our goal is more than 200 LED let stars to make this tree truly spectacular.

Anyone who loves Branson, loves Christmas, or loves Christmas in Branson is invited to sponsor a star. The 14" Moravian stars are $25 each to sponsor, 7-pointed stars can be sponsored for just $50 and the big silver 5-pointed beauties require a $100 sponsorship fee.

Go to the home page of this site to sponsor one or more stars and help Branson's Community Christmas tree really glow this holiday season!