Creating Mid-America’s Most Spectacular Christmas Destination!


How to Play the NEW Christmas Tree Trail Game

NEW for 2023 Christmas in the Branson/Lakes Area, is an online treasure hunt we're calling "America's Christmas Tree Trail." It's fun to do and it's FREE! Here's how it works:

Earn Points When You Find 32 Fantastic Christmas Tree and Holiday Display Treasures and Complete Interactive Challenges Along the Way!



1. Download the FREE TurfHunt app from your Apple Store or Google Play.
You will need to allow TurfHunt to access your location.

2. Locate Branson, Missouri

a. Select the game from the map (by finding Branson, MO) OR

b. Select “Branson, Missouri” from the game list.

3.     Press “install” to download game content.

4.     Start your FREE Game.

5.     Enter your player or team name.

6.     Find Christmas Tree and other Holiday Treasures and Complete Challenges

America’s Christmas Tree Trail has no specified route between the treasures. You’ll see all the locations at once. Go to any location in any order, to earn points for visiting, and extra points for completing challenge at 22 different locations. All content appears automatically when you are within 75 – 150 feet of a treasure point.

You are the blue dot on the map, other players may show in green. During the game, you’ll see your score accumulate in the lower right corner on the map.

There are different types of challenges at some of the treasure points: questions, photos, card matching and puzzle games. You’ll be given a time limit to finish some tasks, the seconds count down on your screen as you work to complete the timed challenges.

Your scoreboard shows how many challenges you have completed and the scores for each one. You can end the game from the scoreboard screen.

Be merry and have fun!

TurfHunt is compatible with:

·     AppleiPhone iOS version 4.0 through until iOS 13

·     Androidversion 4.3 through to the latest Android operating system (OS)

·     AppleiPad’s with 3G/4G connectivity/sim card (Wi-Fi-only models are not compatiblefor games)

Mobile devices must have spare memory tooperate effectively, and some older devices may function differently.