Creating Mid-America’s Most Spectacular Christmas Destination!


Behind the Scenes Work

Preparing for the 2022 Christmas season in Branson begins even before the end of the previous year. There is no better time than November and December to develop ideas, enhancements and new ways of making Christmas wonderful for the coming year. But things really heat up in early summer, when dreams and schemes must be put into action so we can present a spectacular holiday experience that kicks off on November 1 every year.

In Spring 2022, our favorite holiday lighting designer visited 16 different locations around Branson and developed nearly 60 lighting concepts for our community. By early summer businesses and organizations were selecting their favorites, getting bids and making plans for fabrication, deliveries, installation, storage and more. The earlier orders are placed, usually by the end of June, the more our local business leaders can get for their money.

Custom fabrications require 2-4 months to source materials, create prototypes and fine tune design. Branson will be home to one-of-a-kind Christmas trees, a giant snowman, bespoke winter wonderland lamp post fixtures, an 80' light tunnel, and MORE this holiday season.

Be sure to join our newsletter mailing list for all the latest holiday previews and details. Christmas in Branson is going to be spectacular this year with at least five more Lights. That. WOW! presentations around town. If you saw Chick-fil-A last year, then you know what we mean.

[Image with this story is the shop at Creative Custom Fabrications and Metal Works in Branson where many of the custom lighting fixtures are being created.]