Creating Mid-America’s Most Spectacular Christmas Destination!


Chick-fil-A Branson Shines!

BRANSON, MO | Monday, March 14, 2022 – The Branson Christmas Coalition presented their 2021 Leadership Award to Kevin Hutcheson, owner/operator of Chick-fil-A Branson, for the organization’s breakthrough holiday lighting display at 607 West Main Street, Branson last year during the Ozark Mountain Christmas season.

An amazing 16,000 feet of lighting and 34,000 LED bulbs covered the popular Chick-fil-A Branson restaurant on all four sides, creating a kind of Christmas beacon on the hill leading into Historic Downtown Branson. A 24’ Christmas tree of lights sat atop the roof, and even more is planned for the coming years – both at Chick-fil-A Branson and throughout the community.

“This award has been presented annually since 2016,” explained Ann McDowell, Executive Director of the Branson Christmas Coalition. “Each year we recognize an organization that shows genuine leadership in the enhancement, improvement, and growth of Christmas in Branson. Kevin and his team demonstrated a commitment to Christmas, inspired many to do more with their displays and lighting, all while delighting his guests and everyone who drove by Chick-fil-A Branson, all season long.”  

The beautiful crystal award recognizes Chick-fil-A Branson “for your spectacular holiday lighting display, exemplary leadership and outstanding commitment to the region and its Christmas celebration.” Several members of the Branson Christmas Coalition attended the presentation at the Branson restaurant today.
The annual holiday recognition was awarded to the City of Branson in 2016,White River Valley Electric Cooperative in 2017, Cox Medical Center Branson in2018, Silver Dollar City in 2019 and the Tracks Family Fun Parks in 2020.

The Chick-fil-A lighting display was designed in June, approved in July and under construction from August through October. A total of 85 custom-built steel frames were created to hold 16,000 feet of LED light strands that covered 2,500 square feet of the building. Ruby red and white lights were strung three inches apart on the frames, with additional icicle lights lining the edge of the roof and patio. Highlights included a huge Santa cow visual in the front windows and a 24’ Christmas tree on top.

Plans are underway now to further enhance the Chick-fil-A Branson lighting display and secure additional locations and resources to implement similar lighting installations for the 2022 Christmas season in Branson. Area businesses, property owners and organizations who are interested in implementing a large-scale lighting package at their location this year, are encouraged to contact the Branson Christmas Coalition.

“We are grateful to Kevin and Chick-fil-A Branson for providing this amazing example of what is possible with professional lighting design and installation,” stated McDowell. “Our hope now, is to apply what we’ve learned and identify more partners in this effort to light up Branson like never before. Christmas trees were a great start that will continue, but the chance to impact visitors with spectacular lighting, adds a new dimension to Ozark Mountain Christmas that will further establish our destination as THE place to visit in November and December each year.”